Our story ...

Our story

As the saying goes in the world of entrepreneurship, “Be the first customer of your own business.” This is what actually happened with us in Luz, but in an unintended way.

Our story began at Lowz when I began searching for answers to many big questions in my life with the intention of achieving calm and inner peace, as well as harmony and balance in my life on all psychological, mental, spiritual and physical levels. One of the first changes I made to myself was the nutritional aspect of physical health specifically. I delved a lot in this aspect and realized the direct relationship between the food that our stomach digest and the general psychological, spiritual and physical health.
Some close family members liked the products I used to make for my family and myself. To my great honor, they all approved them and encouraged me to go for it. Nowadays, I deeply believe in the importance of providing these products outside my home because all people deserve wellness and everyone is worth it.
This was only the beginning, but the story did not end here, as we at Lowz continue to give, no matter what the challenges are.
We strive to provide high quality products with natural, healthy, and tasty ingredients that are free of hydrogenated oils and artificial sugar.
We severely thank you for your trust, and we promise that the future will be better.

Safa Al Nabhaniya
Founder and CEO